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My Peacock - Lazy S - MCDANIEL DREAM
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Author:  mair23 [ Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  My Peacock - Lazy S - MCDANIEL DREAM

My only Lazy S cue - "BILL MCDANIEL"

Bill McDaniels cues are some of the first custom cues who came over here to Austria.
I know that there were some Scurggs Cues here about 20 years ago too, but more at the west end of Austria,
With the utmost probability I heared from Bill´s cues app. at the same time.

And these McDaniels were more in the geographic direction I was living - more at the east end of Austria.

There were some great players in Austria who had McDaniel cues, but I never got the chance to play with one or even see one live,
until.............I got this one from a great guy and seller on AZ Billiards.

I heared so many great things about Bill´s cues, for about a decade here in Austria.
Design, hit, feel, style and workmanship - all would be amazing and of course that was one of the reasons why I wanted one.
All I can say is that all I heard about it for a decade perfectly fits the reality - as I know now. :mrgreen:

This cue is one of my newest acquisitions, ohhh, I even think it´s the first cue of the new year (2010) :idea:
From my point of view, thats a design many people out there immediatly will know - that´s a McDaniel.
That was one of the reasons why I had to have this cue - I really love it a lot and I hope you like it too.

Pics are not perfect, but I hope you will be able to imagine how nice it is. These pics don´t do it justice at all.



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