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First real custom order - MIKE GULYASSY
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Author:  mair23 [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  First real custom order - MIKE GULYASSY

I name that my "GULYASSY PAIR" - easy and simple :shock:

As you may already know from one of my other posts, I have a good american friend who lives here in Austria.
He has a little billiard biz (buy - sell - trade) with all you need for our sport !
We are close friends, visited the EXPO toghether and will do this again this year (2010).
And of course, he helped me get in contact with Mike Gulyassy and to plan and make this nice "cue-pair" for me.

That whole story began because I bought my wife a new cue - yeah, a Gulyassy with an awesome design.
Designwise a little bit like one of Joe Golds (Cognoscenti) cues, with marvelous floating points - but without much silver.

It´s a cocobolo cue with "letter rings" and floating ivory points. I really hoped my wife would say - no thanks,
but as you can imagine that hope was like winning in the lottery - she took it and still plays with it. :cry:

I loved the design and ordered something like it from Mike. Only with some small changes, like sharp points
instead of the rounded ones my wife has, and the small ebony inlays a little bit different, too.
But in all it´s nearly the same cue like the one my wife is still playing.
The big difference was that I already broke with a "Sledgehammer", and so I decided to order a fitting J/B from Mike, too.

And in the end I think these "Gulyassy 1of1 Pair" came out magnificent - a fantastic fitting pair of cues.
The cocobolo is an awesome piece of wood - in both of the cues - and the elegant ivory floating points look stunning.
The player came with two matching 314 shafts and two original shafts. These were my main player and JB over many years. :mrgreen:
Until today the original shafts are like new, because I only have made some test hits with them.
Both cues feature a "STACK LEATHER WRAP" - probably the best sort of wrap I ever had and maybe ever will have.

The pics are not the sharpest, but I hope you can imagine how great these cues look in reality.



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